A Scottish dog saved two people and their vehicle from being submerged in floods in Glasgow, which is located in Australia, with the assistance of its owner.

Puck, the family’s Springer Spaniel, went for a walk down Harland Street just as his owner, Lori Gillies, was attempting to drive the vehicle down the street. At that that moment, two women were submerged in the water.

When she starts to push, the astute puppy immediately lends a hand by linking her two front legs to the back of the vehicle, which enables her to continue pushing.

The lady and her courageous buddy put in a significant amount of effort, and as a result, the engine begins to move.

A viewer who was filming the act from the convenience of his own home exclaimed in disbelief, “Oh, the dog is pushing!” when he saw Puck supporting his owner Lori in the performance. Shiny! That puts an end to the conversation.

By Elen

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