According to familypet, a border collie named Jake is starting again with one of his saviors and leaving his traumatic past in the rearview mirror as he adjusts to his new existence.

When Charlotte and her husband went out on a walk in the Scottish Highlands in November of the previous year, they overheard a little dog whimpering and howling in the distance. When they went closer, they saw what seemed to be a border collie concealed behind a pile of stones. The dog appeared to be in a severe condition.

They immediately submitted a plea for help to the Scottish SPCA.

One of the responding inspectors for the Scottish SPCA, Yvonne Sloss, said that she still gets memories of the harrowing moment when she discovered Jake.

“When I first laid eyes on Jake, the only thing that could cross my mind was awe. His health was so terrible, and his head was swollen to such an extreme degree.

The unfortunate dog wasn’t supposed to make it through the night, according to the people who came to his rescue. When he came to Glasgow Animal Clinic in a vegetative state, he had suffered significant injuries and was in critical condition.

But somehow, in spite of all the odds, he managed to live.

After doing a thorough examination, the veterinarians discovered that Jake had sustained fractures in his skull, a dislocated jaw, and an infection, all of which necessitated the removal of one of his eyes.

Mark Greener, an additional inspector who was involved in the investigation, brought the cute kid in once he had finished all of the proper procedures.

Greener said that he had met Jake during his first week on the job, and he referred to the occasion as “a day I’ll never forget.” Instantaneously, he established a connection with Jake and offered to look after him over the holiday season. Greener came to trust the healed puppy, and the two of them became quite close.

Greener felt that he would be unable to function in life without Jake, therefore he made the decision to adopt him.

He describes his new acquaintance as “kind, effervescent, and an outstanding sook” (a word that means “charmer”). Jake and his stepfather would want to express their appreciation to everyone who contributed to saving his life. If Jake were capable of speech, he would express his gratitude to those that helped him by stating, “Thanks to you, I’m here, I’m safe, and I’m glad.”

Those who are sympathetic to animal causes hold out hope that the person or persons responsible for the “awful cruelty” will be found and held to account for their actions. One of the commenters said, “This is really revolting!” How can anything like this ever be possible? There has had to be a method to track down the person who committed this heinous act!

Jake is able to relax and enjoy life now that he has been granted the triumphant conclusion he so justly deserves, and he does so by going on walks and swimming. Watch the video below below to get more information about Jake and to see how the adoptive father and the rescued dog have formed a strong friendship with one another.

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