Steve Harvey, an American television host, actor, and comedian may seem to have it all: a successful profession, a stunning wife, beautiful children, fortune, and celebrity. But Steve Harvey is hiding a dark secret.

On the other hand, the road to obtaining these triumphs was littered with a wide variety of obstacles, including the dissolution of two marriages. The couple tied the knot for the first time in 1981, and the marriage to Marcia Harvey was the icon’s first experience with marriage.

Steve’s stand-up comedy career was going through a rough patch at the time, and he was also working in Ohio as an insurance salesman. Despite this, Marcia had feelings for him and was eager to spend the rest of her life with the celebrity. Their voyage toward matrimony thus got underway, but Steve wouldn’t meet his eventual third wife, Marjorie Harvey until another six years had passed.

In 1987, the two people came into contact with one another as the entertainment industry icon was doing a stand-up gig at a comedy club in Memphis. The moment Steve laid eyes on Marjorie, he knew it was the one, and he remembered assuring her that they would get married eventually. To quote him directly:

“When I first spoke to Marjorie, the very first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m going to marry you one day.” That marked the beginning of everything.”

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Steve was certain that he and Marjorie would one day be married, the two of them did not begin dating at that time, and they gradually lost contact with one another.

After Steve’s contact with Marjorie was severed, he would eventually meet another lady, Mary Shackelford, who would win his heart despite the fact that he was already married to Marcia at the time.

In January of 1989, the comedian and Shackelford had their first encounter in a department store in Texas, where she was working for Fashion Fair Cosmetics at the time. When Shackelford and her co-worker went to the mall for lunch, Steve followed them there and became immediately enamored with Shackelford.

When the two people finally became aware that the comic was observing them, Steve took the initiative to initiate a conversation with him. Shackelford mocked him and treated him like “an old mackerel” by giving him the cold shoulder, much to his disappointment.

In spite of this, the television personality remained adamant about being in a relationship with her. After a further three days had passed, Steve had finally been successful in winning over Shackelford, and she consented to go out with him. The comedian declared his love for the attractive lady and proposed marriage on the couple’s first date, but the pretty woman was in no hurry to tie the knot.

Despite this, Steve did not retreat from his position. Even though he had to leave town at the end of the week, he made sure to phone Shackelford every day, send her love messages, and send her flowers. Three years later, Steve was successful in persuading Shackelford to accompany him on his travels, and they had a wonderful time together.

1994 saw the end of Steve and Marcia’s marriage, which opened the door for Steve to go on with his relationship with Shackelford. The couple did indeed tie the knot in 1996 by going down the aisle. The new couple, Steve and his wife were madly over heals in love with each other and could not fathom life without the other.

The marriage between Steve and Shackelford was doomed to fail, although they tried their best. The couple’s marriage lasted for a total of nine years after the two of them tied the knot.

A few years after the end of their marriage, Shackelford published films on YouTube in which he made false accusations that Steve had been having an affair with Marjorie throughout their whole time together.

In addition to this, the lady said that her ex-husband had left her with nothing and had taken their only kid, Wynton, away from them. However, a court statement made by Judge Robert Dry one month after Shackelford’s charges were made clear that all of Shackelford’s allegations were untrue.

According to the evidence presented, Steve did not take anything with him when he left Shackelford. As part of the settlement for their divorce, she received three properties, a monthly payment of $40,000 until March 2009, and an extra $1.5 million.

In contrast to what Shackelford said, the document demonstrated that she voluntarily boarded Wynton on a plane and delivered him to Steve without his knowledge. This contradicted her previous statements about the couple’s kid.

In addition, the paperwork noted that Marjorie had no involvement in their divorce and made note of the fact that the official reason for the separation was that they could not reconcile their differences.

After that, the court ordered Shackelford to remove the films from YouTube and issued a temporary injunction barring the lady from discussing the ongoing and prior legal proceedings with the media. The judge also asked that Shackelford remove the recordings from YouTube.

Despite this, Shackelford did not retreat from his position. Six years later, she filed a second case, this time alleging that Steve had caused her to become suicidal and to self-medicate as a result of the harm to her soul.

She filed a lawsuit against the comedian, accusing him of conspiring against her rights, torturing her, putting her child in risk, killing her, kidnapping her, causing her malicious mental anguish, and breaking the contract. Above all else, Shackelford asked for a compensation amount of sixty million dollars.

The television personality was in a depressing state at the time of the divorce in 2005, which followed the breakup of his marriage to Shackelford. But by a stroke of luck, in the same year, the two of them got back together, started dating, and finally got married.

The happy pair celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in June 2022, and Steve used the opportunity to write a heartfelt letter of devotion to his wife. The comic provided a chronology of their relationship, including an explanation of how they got back together.

Steve made it known that on that day, his bodyguard gave him his phone, and he had no clue who was on the other side of the conversation until after the call ended.

To his surprise, it was Marjorie, and as soon as he heard her voice, he recognized it as belonging to her. It was Steve’s opinion that it was the greatest day of his whole life. The next day, they had lunch together in Memphis, and during that meal, Steve realized that he needed to find a way to make things work. According to what he says:

“I was relieved to find someone with whom I could start afresh.”

After a while, Steve asked for her hand in marriage after the couple had been dating for a year and a year and a year. The comedian spent two weeks carefully planning the proposal, and it went off without a hitch in the end. An episode of “The Steve TV Show” featured the icon explaining that he had proposed to Marjorie when they were vacationing in Mexico.

According to Steve, as soon as they arrived, they booked into a hotel, and by the time supper rolled around, they had already eaten. Marjorie argued that she was too fatigued to eat supper, but he knew that he had to persuade her otherwise since the proposal was supposed to take place during dinner.

In the end, Steve was successful in persuading Marjorie, and the two of them proceeded to a secret chamber inside a wine cellar. After a delicious meal, it was finally time for dessert, and two servers came down to the basement carrying two enormous plates topped with silver domes.

They were so distracted that they dropped two plates at the same time, one on Steve’s side of the table and the other on Marjorie’s. When Marjorie opened it, she noticed what seemed to be a piece of gelatin cut into a square shape. But as time went on, she realized that the item was really a box and not food.

Steve claims that when his wife peeked beneath the box, she exclaimed, “Oh my God!” After that, he showed her the lovely diamond ring that was inside the box, went down on one knee, and proposed to her. Marjorie’s answer was yes, and on June 25, 2007, the two of them took their first steps together as husband and wife.

Even after all of these years, Steve hasn’t stopped being thankful that he married Marjorie. The comedian revealed, in the love letter he sent to his wife to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary, the ways in which he has evolved since marrying his partner. To quote him directly:

“You offered me tranquility. You are the single most important reason, other than the mercy of God, that I am where I am now. Thank you.”

Even though it took Steve a long time and two unsuccessful marriages before he was finally able to be with the woman he has loved his whole life, the wait was worth it. According to him, in order to locate the “right lady,” one needs first go through the process of being divorced.

The comic has absolutely no intention of remembering his previous relationships, and when he does, he does not recall them in a positive light. He is intent on savoring the pleasure that he has discovered in his relationship with Marjorie.

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