Meet Fat Xiang, also known as Fat “Lucky Guy,” a red tabby munchkin who has lately gone popular for his practically continual state of slumber while engaging in charming and amusing behaviors that can only be done by cats.

Fat Xiang was a stray cat in the year 2016, until his current owner, Jessie, a dentist from Taiwan, rescued him and welcomed him into her family. He had been battling with some other strays out on the streets, which led to his being discovered with injuries.

His owner, Jessie, disclosed the following information in an interview with Bored Panda: “I adopted Xiang in the year 2016.” He was a stray cat, but everyone in the neighborhood took a like to him. He was unfortunate in that he was often injured by other stray cats who battled with him, and since he was so little and weak, he was unable to defend himself effectively. Therefore, I took him in as my own,” Jessie said.

The adorable ginger cat has earned the nickname “the sleepy influencer” due to the amount of time he spends dozing off. Because he has 29,000 people following him on Facebook, he now goes by this alias.

The little one seems to be able to go off to sleep wherever he pleases. Even when he sleeps for the whole of the day, he never seems to get enough rest. Because of this, Jessie decided to take him to the veterinarian, where he was given a diagnosis of FIV, which is the feline equivalent of HIV.

“He sleeps for anything between 16 and 20 hours every day. Even when Xiang is sound asleep, I am able to trim his fingernails. Jessie explained by saying, “I was scared that he could be unwell, so I brought him to the clinic.” The veterinarian examined his blood and X-rays and said that everything is okay, with the exception of his FIV. He speculates that the reason Xiang sleeps so much more nowadays is that he was always anxious while he was out on the street.

In the present day, Xiang lives in Taiwan with his owner and another cat called Shuai, which literally translates to “Handsome.”

He went on to say that since Xiang had FIV, she was prone to getting illnesses such as the flu, rhinitis, and eye irritation. However, he is continuing to take pleasure in living his life with Shuai and with us. He is often messing about with Shuai, and since Xiang has shorter legs than Shuai, it is rather amusing to see him spar with Shuai.

“Run! Xiang” is the name of their fan page because I want him to have a joyful and active life. Fans have constantly teased me about being a liar due to the fact that Xiang is always napping [and not truly running].”

Jessie revealed the following in response to a question about whether or not he was hesitant to adopt cats with FIV and other risk factors (such as elderly age):

“I believe that life and death are normal processes among animals and that all of them will pass away at some point; but, if we can provide them with a loving environment and ensure that they depart this world in peace, then I will be able to accept it.”

He went on to say that the primary distinction between humans and other animals is that, regardless of the source of the aggravation, whether it be financial or emotional, there will always be possibilities, alternatives, and things will gradually get better for people. However, the owner is the only thing that exists in the animal’s whole universe.

If you like Fat Xiang, you can check out more of his cute pictures and videos on his Facebook page, which you can find by following him there.

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