The terrified stray cat was found by Jazmin Felder after she heard meowing coming from a tree in her yard. The tabby had been hiding between the branches of the tree. Felder was on the fence about getting another cat for her family since they already had four felines. It was obvious that the cat was happy to see her, and as a result, she chose to give the cat a home.

Buddy had little interest in napping or playing with Felder’s other cats, despite the fact that he seemed to be relieved to finally be protected. It wasn’t until he met a new feline that he began to warm up to the idea of getting along with other cats, before that, he was content to spend his days alone.

Six months after Buddy first came, a gray kitten of around five weeks of age called Hannah was discovered abandoned beneath a neighbor’s house, and Felder ended up rescuing her. Hannah and Buddy were polar opposites in every aspect of their personalities. While Buddy was a serious and reclusive individual, Hannah was a kind and outgoing person.

Buddy’s closest buddy, who is also his teacher, learns from Hannah how to relax and how to become more outgoing and adventurous. They were made for each other and are a perfect match!

After a few months, Buddy and Hannah hardly ever spend time apart. Hannah has emerged as the most valuable possession in Buddy’s life, and the once solitary cat makes it a point to demonstrate on a daily basis how much he values her presence in his world. Now, all six cats who were rescued are now part of one large, happy family, and not a single cat is excluded or forced to sleep by itself.

By Anna

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