“There is an element of fate at play here. These children will ultimately end up with you, just as you will ultimately end up with them. There is a certain enchantment about it.”

The act of fostering is not simple. You have to make room in your heart and home for a kid who is fearful, reserved, and sometimes even emotionally broken. You have a responsibility to do all in your power to demonstrate to this youngster that there are other people who are ready to love and care for them.

After then, the moment will come to release them from our care. It is never simple, but doing it out of love and compassion is a very honorable gesture.

Dayshawn and his younger brother Michael were taken up as foster children by Sara Cozad and Stuart Shank.

After living together as a family for a few years, the couple came to the conclusion that their foster arrangement was a failure. They can no longer put up with the idea that these two gorgeous children will be taken away from them.

They made the decision to adopt Dayshawn, who was 13 at the time, as well as his younger brother Michael, who was 6 at the time.

A brief video segment that showed Sara, Stuart, and the kids were shown on CBS News.

In the aforementioned video, the judge was putting the finishing touches on Dayshawn and tiny Michael’s adoption procedure.

The judge had asked the young man whether he thought they should go through with the adoption when the picture went viral. He gave a cheerful nod and grin.

Even more, he boasted that his foster family loved both him and his brother just as much as they loved him.

The words that he said moved the judge, and he remarked that it was an excellent argument.

Dayshawn proceeded by explaining that he had a lot of affection for Sara and Stuart and that he was quite grateful to have a foster family.

The happiness on the face of the youngster undoubtedly brought a smile to the face of the judge.

The second issue that she posed to Dayshawn and Michael was whether or not they were prepared to make a commitment to the adoption process.

Dayshawn’s response moved everyone, but notably Sara, who was listening to it.

“Yeah, I couldn’t be more grateful to be their kid. They are, without a doubt, the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten. If I could have one desire granted, it would be that I could simply adore these individuals for the rest of my life. If I could have any wish granted, it would be that.

After listening to the heartfelt statement from her devoted son, Sara’s eyes welled up with tears.

Every parent understands how you are feeling. The words that Dayshawn said were kind, genuine, and full of love and admiration for their recipient. It only demonstrates the depth of love that this family has for each of their children. Without a shadow of a doubt, Dayshawn and Michael had arrived at their house.

Listen to this young man’s speech that he delivered throughout the adoption process, which can be found below:

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