Families are notorious for being difficult to navigate, but it’s important to remember that they’ll always have your back. It seems as if that much is true even if this is the first time you have met them.

When a lady in her 70s finally got to meet her biological mother, who was in her 90s, she realized that no matter how old she gets, she would always have a place to call home.

She was adopted as a child but has always had the desire to learn more about her biological family. The touching tale of Lynne and Elizabeth Pullen’s reunion illustrates how the family will always love you no matter what.

It all started with a present for Christmas.

A home DNA test was a present that Elizabeth’s granddaughter Wanda received one Christmas from Elizabeth.

After taking the test, the majority of the results matched members of the family that she was previously familiar with. However, she was taken aback when she saw the name of a lady who she was completely unable to place.

Lynne was the name of the lady in question.
Wanda reached out to her cousin Lynne, a member of the family she wasn’t even aware she had.

After making contact with her, Lynne revealed that she was adopted and had spent many years hunting for her biological parents.

Since Wanda’s DNA test results showed that Lynne was their most likely biological relative, we may infer that they are connected.

They decided to talk over the phone, and as Wanda made her first statement, Lynne burst into tears.

Wanda relates the following: “As soon as she answered the phone, I said, ‘Hi Lynne, this is Wanda,’ and she immediately began weeping as soon as she heard my voice.” And she responded by saying, “You’re the very first member of my biological family that I’ve ever spoken to.”

Wanda spoke with her immediate relatives.
Wanda didn’t waste any time getting her grandmother, Elizabeth Pullen, in on the conversation about what she’d just discovered.

Elizabeth has verified that she had an infant daughter whom she had placed for adoption and that the baby’s name was Lynne.

Lynne was never in Elizabeth’s line of sight at any point.
In the 1940s, one of the guidelines for adoption was that the birth mother could not have any contact or interaction with the child once the adoption was finalized.

This implies that Elizabeth did not see her daughter Lynne at any point throughout her pregnancy or delivery of Lynne.

Elizabeth Pullen spoke on the emotions she had upon first laying eyes on her daughter.

“Not only was it lovely, but experiencing it was a true gift.” Inside Edition quotes her as saying. “She and I had been seeking for one other for years and years, and I was just so delighted, to the point where I can’t articulate it. Someone is said to have been given a gift when you do something for them, and I consider the way I raised my daughter to be an example of this. That present was handed back to me.”

Since they were reunited, the mother and daughter have not stopped communicating with one another.

They have a lot of ground to make up in this regard.

Elizabeth vouches for the fact that ever since the two of them first crossed paths, they have been really thankful to have the opportunity to get to know one another while also keeping themselves busy catching up on life events.

Watch the video that we’ve provided below to find out more about this wonderful family.

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