After he ran away from his house in Merrimack, New Hampshire, and spent three days on his own in the wilderness, an African serval cat called Spartacus was able to find his way back to his family.

The huge cat’s owner, Dean King, said that Spartacus might be wary around new people and that he had escaped on Wednesday after being startled by Hank, the family dog. King also mentioned that Spartacus may be timid among other animals. The family searched the woods close to their house in an effort to find him, and they phoned the Merrimack Police Department for assistance in their search.

“The dog was reluctant to come in the house last night. Consequently, my wife opened the door to the foyer. Both the dog and the cat startled each other, and the dog ended up running away. “He is no longer here,” Dean confirmed to AP News.

On Friday, the authorities said that a wild cat around four years old had been captured close to its habitat and was in excellent condition. The serval was recovered unharmed and uninjured after being lost in the wilderness of New Hampshire for a whole three days.

“Greetings and a Happy Morning, Merrimack! It has been determined that the serval cat that had gone missing was located. It seems to be in excellent health despite being caught close to its habitat. It has been returned to the person who owned it. The good news was shared by the police on Facebook, and they thanked their followers for their attention and shares.

Haylie Gulino, an animal control officer for the city of Merrimack, said that the search was somewhat challenging due to the fact that she and her colleague’s officers had never encountered a situation like this one before and were unsure of what to look for.

“They were completely unaware; in order to convince them, I had to show them a photograph of what they generally seem to be like.” As a result, we were venturing into unexplored terrain here. According to Haylie Gulino, who spoke to the Daily Mail, “that was out of the usual for most people here.”

Four years ago, the gorgeous tabby weighing in at 40 pounds was legitimately taken home from a zoo in Florida. Over the last several years, he has been able to spend his time with his family in complete contentment. It is important to point out that the family owns the cat in a lawful manner and that they have a permit from the department of fish and game in New Hampshire.

A picture of Spartacus machine with his paws up on the kitchen counter, intently examining the coffee maker, has gone popular on several social networking sites.

On Saturday, Lisa King, Dean King’s wife, thanked people for their love and care in a video clip that included a video of her husband’s pet lion, Spartacus, poised in his cage.

“Both Dean and I would want to express our gratitude to everyone for their assistance and support. Spartacus has returned to his comfortable home. On a personal level, I really don’t know how to thank you enough! “This cat and I have a connection, and I consider him to be my person,” she stated in a post on Facebook.

“On a personal level, I’m at a loss for words to adequately convey my appreciation! This cat and I have a connection, and I consider him to be my person.

People took to the internet to express their delight at the recent favorable developments in a variety of ways, including the following:

“I have a lot of conflicting emotions, such as admiration for the animal and relief that it is now secure in its own environment. On the other hand, I can’t help but question why this cat is being kept as a pet. A lady wrote on the post, “Hoping it is safe and happy, and that keeping wild cats as pets isn’t frequent, and when it requires seldom due of situation, that the cats are happy and secure,” and she hoped that the wild cats were happy and safe as well.

“Yay! It’s hard for me to comprehend how much I cared for this animal. Even though he doesn’t belong to me, I can’t help but feel as if I’ve finally reunited with my long-lost pet. One Facebook user said that they were “very thrilled for his owners.” “That fills me with joy and a sense of relief beyond measure! What an unusual and stunning creature it is! Another individual said, “To the owners, please give your son a hug on my behalf.”

“I would like to thank MPD for their assistance as well as for taking the time to provide this cheerful update. “I was anxious since temperatures have been on the cooler side, which is not ideal for an indoor, sleek cat like this,” added a third person, “despite the fact that there are a wild animals and car hazards.”

If you are a fan of Spartacus, you may be interested in following his exploits on Instagram with those of his canine sibling, Hank.

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