A dog with the name Custard was brought to Sidewalk Specials, but he was not intended to be rescued. The owner of the unfortunate youngster tried to murder him but was unsuccessful and is now asking for the organization’s aid to “complete the task.”

The terrified dog wanted more than anything else in the world that they would change their minds about sending him back. However, the animal shelter gave him the assurance that he was finally secure.

The rescue organization was taken aback by such a horrific request, and as a result, they did all in their ability to assist the dog and fight with him. A “treatment pack” that was funded provided him with the necessary kickstart, as well as a fresh lease on life. Today is Custard’s lucky day because he gets to sing his heart out and get tons of belly rubs!

The dog wants everyone in the world to know how satisfied he is, and wouldn’t it be something if his previous owner could see him in his present state? A much-needed and merited do-over has given Custard a fresh start, and he is making the most of this opportunity.

By Anna

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