Every single day, terrible things take place in the world. The trouble is that most of the time there is nothing we could do to avoid them, so we simply have to face the heartbreaking fact that someone we loved to the very center of our being is gone for good.

One man, called Adrian Smith, received the devastating news that his daughter had passed away tragically.

Adrian, in his capacity as a fireman, responded to a report regarding a collision involving three cars that had taken place in Haverfordwest,  located in Pembrokeshire, Wales. He and his crew hurried to the site in an effort to provide assistance to the passengers who had been harmed. Unfortunately, it was at that time that Adrian discovered that his daughter, Ella Brooke Smith, who was 21 years old, had passed away because of the hit. The remainder of the individuals who were engaged in the collision were hurt as a result of it.

The father’s heart shattered into a million pieces when he realized that it was his daughter who had passed away on that tragic day. His little child was no longer there; she had passed away for good, and he was left to struggle against the sorrow and the emptiness that had come to fill his spirit.

Adrian shared a picture on social media that honored her life by showing him and Ella dancing together at a family function. The father, who was inconsolable, said in a letter, “We are absolutely crushed by the loss of our precious Ella.” She was a kind and devoted daughter, sister, and granddaughter who was well adored.

“She was a lovely young lady who will be much missed by all of us. During this terrible moment, we would want to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us. It has been of such great comfort to our whole family as we continue to mourn the loss of little Ella.

The little girl’s life was cut short far too soon, and many of the girl’s friends and family members took to the internet to write words of grief for her loss.

You just cannot fathom how Adrian must be feeling at this very moment. Finding out that one’s own kind is a victim is the biggest dread of everyone who works in emergency services. They have such a beautiful, close-knit family. One of their mutual acquaintances said in a letter that Ella “was so effervescent with all her future ahead of herself.”

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