After receiving a complaint about a dog that had been living in an old house and continuing to bark for several days in a row, a South Asian rescue organization investigated the situation.

When rescue workers arrived, they discovered that the residence had no power and had, in all likelihood, been deserted for a number of years.

They didn’t suspect there was a dog there based on the appearance of the home, so they were surprised when they heard barking coming from inside. They descended the stairs and found themselves in the basement, where they came across a small puppy that was chained up and unable to move or get away.

They immediately threw her overboard and untied the rope that had been wrapped around her neck. Because it had been wrapped around her neck so tightly, it had actually become embedded in her skin, leaving behind skin that was raw and in excruciating pain.

They took her to the veterinarian, who treated her injury and helped her adjust her diet to better suit her needs.

She was fortunate enough to be given a clean bill of health and the opportunity to lead a normal life, with the exception of the injury she sustained to her neck.

It is uncertain who locked up and left this poor puppy because of their empty home; however, what is important is that she is now safe and that she’ll never have to worry about being neglected again!

By Anna

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