And in some strange way, the police in Germany just did it.

The dog had successfully navigated a short period of independence during the course of the previous weekend break by disguising himself and slipping away from his home in Ziegenbach. At some point in the procedure, he was successful in winning over a group of bikers who had stopped to engage in conversation with him.

The dog was mistaken if he believed that the riders would merely be background characters in the unfolding narrative of his free-spirited journey.

They were concerned that the canine may have gotten away, so they contacted the police and waited with the puppy until the authorities arrived to “arrest” him.

The canine was immediately carried into the police cruiser, where the policemen snapped a photo of themselves giggling as they were with their beloved suspect.

However, not everyone was in such a good mood.

Evidently, when the dog made the decision to run away from home and begin his exciting new adventure, he did not give any consideration to the potential consequences of his actions, including the possibility that he might be taken into jail by the police.

When he finally became aware of the situation, it seemed to hit him like a ton of bricks.

Later on, Middle Franconia Authorities noted that ” the dog’s look is valuable.”

To the dog’s good fortune, the law enforcement officers had no intention of sending him to the huge mansion but rather to his own own dwelling instead.

Officers were finally successful in returning the dog to his proper home after conducting a search of the neighborhood to see whether or not anybody recognized the dog.

The police department said in their report that it was possible that the dog’s owner might be located and that the four-legged companion could be restored.

After being let out of the house with only a warning, the dog will, if we are lucky, think twice about slipping away from the house on his own and will, instead, wait for his walk time, like a good puppy should. After all, the most memorable moments are often those that are spent with good friends.

By Elen

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