While they were away from the city, the Menzies were hard at work fixing up their house. The door was abruptly opened by the wind as the contractor went out to lunch. Golden Retriever Catcher, who is three years old and lives in this home, couldn’t say no to the extraordinary chance to go out and see the world on her own. The dog escaped from the home and made its way to dangerously close proximity to the main road. We are fortunate that a vigilant FedEx deliveryman located Catcher before the occurrence of an accident.

The owner of Catcher, Lisa Menzies, hypothesizes that the delivery person must have observed the dog wandering about the neighborhood in order to bring it to the location that was listed on the dog’s license plate.

We are really fortunate that the heroic act was caught on tape by the family buzzer camera. The footage shows the delivery man leaving his van with the fluffy bundle in his hands, entering the Menzie home, and securely shutting the door behind him as he exits.

Lisa is appreciative of the heroic deed that was performed by the delivery guy. “He disrupted her day as well as her package delivery schedule in order to select her up, take her to our house, and shut the door behind him,” Lisa said. I don’t even want to think about how else it may have come to an end,” he said in an interview with Fox Information.

After some time had passed, Lisa conveyed her gratitude to the delivery person on Twitter, and she referred to him as the “hero of the home.” Despite all of her attempts to get in touch with him, she has not been able to identify the person who was driving the car.

Watch the video below:

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