After making the decision to sell items from his residence in order to pay for his maintenance medication, an elderly janitor was surprised to discover a cheque for twelve thousand dollars in the pocket of a jacket that had been given to him as a present at one point.

Steven Green was a guy known for his tenacity, as he worked tirelessly to care for his family throughout his whole life. Because he did not complete his education at a university, he often accepted manual labor jobs in the community in order to make up for the fact that he did not have a degree.

Over the course of his career, he has held jobs in the construction industry as a builder, an electrician, and an auto mechanic. However, as he became older, he was no longer able to perform the duties associated with these employment. The arthritis in his knees worsened with time, making it impossible for him to continue working.

Steven’s children no longer resided in the same state as him and his wife, Melinda, and as a result, they would give them a little allowance to help with their regular costs of living each month. Unfortunately for Steven, after years of performing jobs that required heavy physical labor, he began to suffer from ongoing physical discomfort and required ongoing treatment with medicine.

The allowance he gave his children was insufficient to cover even the cost of food, and the debt that they were paying off for their property was eating away at his money. After coming to the conclusion that he need more funds, Steven made the decision to seek employment once again.

He went over to the municipal hall and inquired about the possibility of submitting an application to work as a janitor. Almost immediately, he was extended the job offer, which would only pay him the minimum salary.

At first, his income was sufficient to cover all of his expenses, including the cost of the necessary medication. However, because of his late age as well as that of his wife, they began to need additional medication for maintenance, and the expense of this prescription was quite high.

To be able to pay for his necessary medications, Steven decided to submit an application to work as a janitor.

In order for Steven to be able to pay the ever-increasing amount of money that he owed, he started selling stuff that he had around the house at a thrift shop. Ben, his next-door neighbor, saw him one day when he was bringing an old radio to the charity shop and asked him about it. “How wonderful it is to have you back, Mr. Green! How are you doing these days?” Ben asked.

“I am doing quite well, my son. To bring in some more funds, my wife and I have decided to sell a few household items that we no longer need or use. Maintenance drugs are a pain in the butt when you’re a senior citizen, so take care of yourself, alright?” he remarked almost humorously.

Ben grinned and nodded. He yelled out, “Thank you for the recommendation, Mr. Green!” as he waved farewell.

While walking down the street, Steven ran into his neighbor Ben.

On the very same day, Steven and Melinda were in the kitchen preparing supper when they heard the doorbell ring. Steven approached the front door in an inquisitive manner despite the fact that they weren’t expecting anybody else to arrive.

He was taken aback to see Ben walking about with a coat in his arms. “Son, what are you doing in this place?” Steven asked. “I am very sorry to have bothered you, Mr. Green. It’s only that earlier today I saw that you weren’t carrying a coat with you when you went outside. Given that winter is drawing near, I thought it would be appropriate to offer you this jacket as a present “While he was doing so, he handed Steven the coat.

Ben made the decision to pay Steven a visit in order to present him with a present.

Steven was taken aback by Ben’s kind gesture, and it left him feeling moved. He hadn’t been the recipient of a present in quite some time, much less one from an unknown person. “Wow, that’s one sharp-looking jacket you’ve got there. Thank you, Ben. This is so thoughtful of you.”

Melinda was brought to the door by Steven, where she was shown the jacket that had been given to him by Ben. Both of them were overjoyed, and as a result, they made the decision to ask Ben to join them for dinner that same evening. They spent the night talking to one another and sharing tales in order to get acquainted with one another on a deeper level than that of simple next-door neighbors.

Ben was extended an invitation to join Steven and Melinda for dinner by both of them. | Image: Pexels

Ben made the decision to put on the jacket the next day and wear it to work. While he was making his way toward the city hall, he saw that the temperature was beginning to drop, so he placed his hands in the pockets of his jacket. After doing so, he became aware that there was something concealed inside. It turned out to be a cheque for $12,000, much to his astonishment.

It was then that he made the decision to go over to Ben’s residence in order to return the check. “Ben, I think you should take ownership of this. You left it in your jacket pocket, “Ben was handed the cheque as Steven made the comment.

But Ben gave a wry grin and shook his head. “No, Mr. Green. This cheque is made out to you. Do you remember the moment when you came across my mother struggling for her life on the sidewalk? While I was at work, you were the one who not only phoned for an ambulance but also escorted her to the hospital “It came back to him.

Ben gave Steven a jacket as a present when they first met. “I still find it hard to understand that I wasn’t able to be there for my mother in the last minutes before she passed away, and I want you to know how much I appreciate the fact that you were there with her. I was given an inheritance by mom, but I was always under the impression that I did not deserve it. I want you to have it so that you and Mrs. Green will no longer have to be concerned about the medical expenses that you have to pay or the bills that you have to pay “Ben stated Steven.

The eyes of Steven were watering up with tears. Due to the fact that they did not live very near to one another, he was unaware of the significance that Ben attached to his act of kindness.

“Son, it’s possible that you may need this money as well. Sincerely, could you please accept it? “Steven urged, making an attempt to offer Ben the check once more. Ben, on the other hand, did not change his mind.

“Mr. Green, you need not be concerned about me. I still have a lot of time to put money down and work hard for the sake of my family’s future. I want you to be successful enough financially so that you won’t have to spend the rest of your life toiling away at a job. I hope you and Mrs. Green have a wonderful life together; you both deserve it “Ben remarked as he pulled Steven into an embrace and continued.

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