Because the hearts of all dogs are as big as the planet, when irresponsible owners destroy their hearts, it seems like our very souls have been shattered. Is it really so hard to find a way to show our gratitude for everything that they have done for us?

It’s one of those scenarios that give us the chills, yet at the end of the day, we all know that these unfortunate creatures won’t necessarily perish as a result of what’s happening.

Cookie, an English cocker spaniel, is 15 years old and was rescued from an animal shelter in San Bernardino, California, where she was waiting to be adopted. She did not come by herself, though; she was joined by another Labrador retriever who was one year old, and both of them were thought to be strays at first when they arrived.

The little dog had pleaded with everyone and everything in the world for nothing more than love and attention.

Cookie seemed to have a family, but for some inexplicable reason, the two pups had been deserted by their unfortunate owners. Cookie was left to fend for herself.

Following the successful use of their microchip to identify their relatives, they came to say hello. They were at a loss for words until finally, with a heart of stone, they consented to employ the farmer on his own.

Cookie was wailing and sobbing as she watched the family walk away with their Labrador dog, unable to convey the pain she felt at being abandoned by people who were meant to love her.

One of the employees at the shelter said, “It was a sad scene; I used to scream in anguish because I didn’t fathom what was going on.” “It was a horrible spectacle.”

The heartbreaking news of the death of this puppy quickly spread throughout the internet. Although euthanasia was a clear option at the location where she was, it was lucky that kind hearts seemed to find a home for her as they monitored her condition.

And it had been the simplest thing that could have taken place in her life at that time. They provided her with the most fundamental second chance in life, and she found happiness and cleanliness in that environment.
On the other hand, he has a protracted fight in front of him. It was revealed that she had 12 cancerous tumors when she went to the veterinarian and had emergency surgery. On the other hand, they were prepared to disregard the vast majority of them.

As a result of the hard work done by the vets and, therefore, the affection that is all around her, she will now seem calm and is very close to being completely cured. In the future, she is scheduled to go through a second operation in order to have any remaining tumors removed.

They announced their decision on Facebook via OC Small Paws, saying, “We made a mutual choice not to put her up for adoption.” It has been decided that she will spend the remainder of her life in the care of the shelter with a local family. The care for her will also be provided by our in-house veterinarian.

In only a few short months, Cookie went from being an abandoned dog that was hopeless and miserable to becoming a member of a group that adores her and is always by her side.

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