Some people always examine a person’s physical appearance first when creating an opinion about that person, regardless of what genuinely characterizes that person, which, despite the repetition, is that person’s personality and thoughts.

This is true not just of other people, but also of any other living being that deviates from the aesthetic norms and leads us to experience things in a different way.

A dog who was born with a physical defect, for which she has been constantly overlooked or rejected, and whose appearance makes it difficult for her to find a permanent family, is a good illustration of this phenomenon.

Bethany is an 8-month-old dog who was born on the streets of Ukraine; four of her siblings were born with the same deformity, but she was the most severely affected; she has a facial disfigurement that causes her to have a deviated eye, a look to the other side, a fully tilted right snout, and exposed teeth; she is the most severely affected of her four siblings who were born with the same deformity.

She is used to being rejected by people who, upon first meeting her, believe she is unwell, maybe aggressive, or has a medical condition. She has gotten used to being rejected by folks.

In spite of the fact that prejudice does not reflect reality, Bethany has spent a considerable amount of time in the Safe Rescue for Dogs shelter. Due to the fact that she is in such poor physical condition, it has been difficult to locate a family that is willing to adopt her.

According to the workers at the shelter, there are some individuals who, when they go in search of a puppy, do not want to take the dog with them because they are under the impression that she suffers from significant medical issues.

A volunteer at the shelter named Zoe Casey told Metro: There is absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany; in fact, she doesn’t even snore while she sleeps. “Bethany is a gorgeous and happy little puppy who is all you could want in a friend. She is everything you could ask for in a pet.”

Bethany is content to the point that she is oblivious to the fact that she is unique among the other pups.

She does not have any concerns; the only thing that she needs is a family who can see beyond her outward looks.

According to Zoe, “There is a mentality that people are hunting for the ideal dog for images, but I feel people should dig a little deeper.”

It is not a secret that the majority of people choose to adopt the cutest or most purebred puppies available, without giving any thought to the fact that all animals deserve a home because they have been subjected to inhumane treatment throughout their lives from the time they were born and simply require care and love.

When people see Bethany, they are startled by her look; but, when you work in the industry, you don’t get astonished; you just accept it. That’s what Zoe stated. “When people see Bethany, they are surprised by her appearance.”

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