Sophiane Nacer wanted to provide the greatest possible end of life for this stray dog, even though the canine’s condition could not be cured. She made a solemn oath that the only way Hippo, an elderly stray with a tumor, would ever experience love was if he passed from this life.

“Even if it was only for one day, Hippo would have had the happiest final day of his life,” Sophiane, who is 19 years old and the founder of Cayleba’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, said in an interview with TODAY.
After five days at the shelter, Sophiane decided to give Hippo a forever home by adopting him.

The unfortunate puppy had skin so sensitive that it could not be touched. Because Hippo was in such severe discomfort, Sophiane was unsure whether or not he would survive to see another day.

When he saw his tail wagging, though, all of his uncertainties vanished almost immediately. The ailing canine was not without optimism. Before he departed this life, he wanted to know what it was like to be in love and to be happy.

As a result, Sophiane accompanied Hippo to Starbucks, where she ordered him a Puppuccino from the famed coffee chain’s hidden canine menu as well as a cup of scrumptious whipped cream for dessert. The next day, Hippo’s disposition remained unchanged, so Sophiane decided to take him to the dog park so he could run about and play with other dogs. He cherished each and every second of it! However, he suddenly had something he needed to share with Sophiane.

The elderly dog was in pain but maintained his optimism as he approached his new best buddy. He had something to tell him. It was time for him to go. He was overjoyed to have been able to spend this time with Sophiane, but he was worn out, he was in a lot of pain, and it was time for him to part ways. After visiting the dog park, Sophiane took a veterinarian who specializes in euthanasia back to her house. The veterinarian had prepared sedative-laced fried chicken for her to eat.

She was able to finish her last supper in the utmost ease thanks to Sophiane, and after that, she was able to sleep through the night without experiencing any discomfort. Despite the fact that on many different levels this narrative is tragic, it is also tremendously uplifting. The last moments of a dog’s existence, however brief they may have been, were spent in the knowledge that he was loved and desired, despite the fact that all he had ever known was suffering. I wish for all pets who pass away that they knew how much they were loved.

By Elen

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