Jo Frost, well known by her television show name “Supernanny,” praised the poise with which the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, dealt with the antics of her son, Prince Louis while attending the Jubilee Pageant.

Prince Louis placed his palm over his mother’s mouth and blew raspberries at her when he was trying to get her to remain quiet so he could speak. Kate was able to maintain her calm and look at the humorous side of Louis’s actions as a reaction.

Many people on Twitter took notice of Kate’s composed answer to Louis’s outburst because of how she handled the situation. Parents thought back to their own challenges with their kids and were able to empathize with how Kate may have been feeling at that same time. According to one user on Twitter:

“When I was that age, instead of having the terrible twos, I had the terrible fours. Our Catherine did quite well, didn’t she?”

Another person wrote, “He’s 4; he had a moment; Kate handled it as every other mother does; the only difference was that millions of eyes were on her.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are the three gorgeous children that Kate and William have been blessed with as parents. But Kate has said in recent interviews that she sometimes has the hankering for a fourth child, particularly when she is in the company of other youngsters.

Due to the fact that the promotion of early childhood development is one of Kate’s most important responsibilities as a royal, she is often seen in the company of young children.

In addition, Kate said that she is aware that William would be disappointed if she were pregnant with a fourth child.

During her time in Denmark on her own, Kate Middleton paid a visit to the University of Copenhagen, where she spoke with new parents and their young children. While she was there, she remarked:

“It makes me want to have a family,” Kate said. “William is usually concerned about my interacting with children less than one year old. When I go home, the first thing I say is, “Let’s have another one.”

William, meanwhile, does not share Kate’s ideas at all. During the couple’s trip to Scotland, they stopped at the St. John’s Primary School. Young children were shown a newborn in this setting in order to educate them on the concept of empathy.

Saul was the affectionate moniker that the students bestowed on the baby “little teacher.”

William made light of the situation by playfully asking, “Can you get my wife out of here before she becomes broody?” when the pair was at the school.

During one of their subsequent trips to Lancashire, the couple posed for photographs with a local family as Kate cradled their youngest child, Anastasia. The audience responded with a chorus of “awws,” which caused William to joke to the onlookers, “Don’t give my wife any more ideas!”

Additionally, Kate voiced her anxiety about the fact that William was worried about her health due to the difficult medical circumstances she endured throughout her pregnancy.

William teased her with the remark, “Don’t take her with you,” when she returned Anastasia to her parents after caring for her.

In addition, Kate said that she is aware that William would be disappointed if she were pregnant with a fourth child. “I don’t believe William is interested in anything else… “I’m afraid that if we had another child, William would put an end to me,” Kate replied.

Kate was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum early on in her quest to become a baby. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a devastating pregnancy problem that causes intense nausea and vomiting, as well as commonly leading to weight loss and dehydration. Because of this illness, Kate had to spend the whole of each of her three pregnancies in the hospital.

Additionally, Kate voiced her anxiety about the fact that William was worried about her health due to the difficult medical circumstances she endured throughout her pregnancy. She commented about the occasions she had to be admitted to the hospital:

William didn’t believe he was able to contribute all that much to the situation. It is difficult for everyone to see you suffer without being able to do anything to alleviate that misery.

Even non-government groups gave their opinions on whether or not Kate and William should have another child. Anne Green Carter, the Executive Director and President of the organization “Having Kids,” penned an open letter to the couple while they were still caring for their two young children.

Your talk about having a bigger family brings up important concerns of equality and sustainability…

“Sustainable living does not allow for large families,” Anne said in her letter. It wasn’t quite two months after Anne published the letter that Kate and William made the happy announcement that they were expecting their third child, a son named Louis.

Nick also brought up the fact that William and Kate have a lot on their plates since Kate is taking on more royal responsibilities from the Queen. Nick also said that the pair were looking forward to concentrating on their profession, which would leave them with very little time for a fourth kid.

Kate achieved her goal of creating a family similar to the one she had when she was a youngster by having three children of her own. Nick Bullen, the creator of the website “True Royal,” commented on William and Kate’s family and said that it was doubtful that they would have a fourth child:

“Kate was always really eager to have that family of five and follow in the footsteps of her parents. She is on par with it, and in my opinion, it is likely that they will come to a halt here.

Kate Middleton wanted to have three children like her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, so she and William decided to be married and have children. Nick continued by saying, “I believe they feel like they have a fairly ideal family.”

Enthusiastic supporters of the royal family held out hope that William and Kate will be parents to a fourth child at some point in the future. Someone asked Kate, “Number four?” as she and William were on their official tour to Northern Ireland. Kate’s immediate response was, “I believe William would be a bit frightened!”

It is still unknown whether or not Kate and William will have a fourth child, but the fact of the matter is that their family of five is absolutely gorgeous, and they will continue to wow fans for many years to come.

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