A family in Johnson County, Kansas, discovered a dog that was so frail and underweight that the little furry infant was unable to stand on her own. Because she was so ill, her rescuers were unsure if the dog would make it through the kind of cruelty that she had been subjected to.

The dog’s family decided to take her to the animal hospital at Mission Care in the hopes of giving her the best possible chance of survival. When they arrived at the location, the crew picked up the dog and immediately put her inside the treatment unit.

Unbelievably, in spite of the fact that she had been subjected to a lifetime of horrors and torture, the little dog, who had ribs that protruded out of her body, was compassionate and cheerful. The veterinarians were astounded when the neglected puppy just wanted to be friends with and kiss everyone she met. Pawsitive Tails Dog Rescue collaborated with the veterinary facility so that the Canis Minor may obtain treatment and the perpetrators of their maltreatment would not be victorious.

Recent information posted on Facebook reveals that the prestigious canine now goes by the name Brighe. Her bloodwork is awful, but it may be worse, and she or he hasn’t been willing to drink as much as they normally would recently.

Despite this, they make the difficult decision to keep Brighe in the hospital, give her a feeding tube, and continue to fight to keep her alive. This recognized canine fighter’s name, Brighe, comes from an Irish word that means “strong and power,” which is exactly what she has deep down in her character.

Refeeding dogs who are in this serious condition should be done painstakingly slowly and is very risky, as stated by Pawsitive Rescue on their Facebook page. “Refeeding dogs that are now experiencing this crucial issue should be done painstakingly carefully and is very hazardous.”

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