The majority of individuals have a soft spot in their hearts for animals, with canines taking the top spot. Many individuals will tell you that their dogs are their greatest friends and that they would do everything to ensure that their dog’s happiness and wellbeing are taken care of. If you own a dog, you most likely have the same sentiments.

But before I answer that, let me ask you this: If it were your dog, would you put your own life in danger to rescue it? However, the vast majority of individuals won’t. Fear is a powerful force that plays a significant role in our lives and, at times, prevents us from developing into the kinds of people we would want to be. On the other hand, there are some who are able to conquer their anxieties and prioritize the well-being of others above their own interests. And one of those folks is this courageous guy right here.

In Melbourne, Australia, he rescued a puppy that had gotten into the water and was in danger of drowning.

When Sue Drummond was out on a stroll with her small Maltese-shitzu mix called Bibi, the blustery weather suddenly snatched the puppy away from her. In a matter of moments, the dog was already submerged in the water, anxiously trying to keep his head above water while his helpless owner sobbed uncontrollably on the pier. In spite of this, a young guy by the name of Sue Drummond saw the helpless dog and hurried over to rescue him.

As soon as the guy saw the Maltese-Shih Tzu mix fighting to breathe in the water, he rushed in without giving it a second thought and dove straight into the body of water. The sad puppy was just with his mother when he was blown into the ocean by the high wind that was blowing when they were strolling along the pier.

The little hero would later elaborate for the Herald Sun, “It was fairly chilly and windy, but it wasn’t such a hard choice to jump in, and it wasn’t such a tremendous effort.”

The young man’s courage ensured that Bibi would be saved and that he would be reunited with his weeping owner.

The lady expressed her concern by saying, “I felt he was going to sink, and then maybe I wouldn’t be able to locate him.” “But I didn’t really want to get in the water either because I wasn’t quite sure if I could make it to shore with a struggling dog,” she said. “I wasn’t sure if I could make it to land with a struggling dog.”

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