Jacque is and always has been your average Velcro-kitten. This has never changed about her.

Jacque has a soft spot for squishy things and would do everything to be able to curl up in the warm lap of someone he cares about.

Unfortunately, Jacque’s family did not share the same sentiments as the rest of us, and they did not find the idea of being showered in love by an exceptionally devoted cat to be a desirable one.

Because his owner had become weary of his too friendly attitude, Jacque was given up to the shelter run by the Michigan Cat Rescue organization when he was three years old.

The person who owns Jacque said that she was tired of her pet pleading for attention and wanting to be held all the time.

She had no interest in showering him with the attention he yearned for and instead made the decision to let him go.

The unexpected loss of Jacque’s family and home left him feeling depressed and disoriented, but he decided to make the most of his new circumstances and rapidly won over everyone at the rescue center.

Nobody was able to stay away from Jacque’s adorable disposition and kind embraces.

The volunteers at Michigan Cat Rescue were aware that they needed to locate the best possible home for Jacque.

He deserved a family that loved him for who he was and who would look upon his conduct as endearing rather than as possessive.

They were aware that there are a great number of individuals in the world who have enough common sense to value a “lap cat” and who would value the opportunity to have someone in their life who is as adorable and lovable as Jacque. These people would treasure the chance to have Jacque in their lives.

The shelter posted a photo of Jacque on Facebook along with an explanation of the unjust reason why his previous family had chosen not to adopt him in the hopes of assisting him in finding a new loving home.

It should not come as a surprise that thousands of people liked or commented on Jacques’s post, and everyone wished that he would find his happily ever after.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Jacque won the affection of a large number of people, only one family was given the opportunity to adopt him.

Liz immediately felt that Jacque was destined to become a member of her family after viewing Jacque online. Just a few short weeks after submitting an application, she and the rest of her family got the joyful news that Jacque would be joining their cozy little home.

After Jacque had his first encounter with his new family, it was as though he had an instantaneous understanding that he belonged with them. He displayed an overwhelming amount of affection and joy as he snuggled close to his new father.

And his new family was overjoyed to be able to love him back and give him all the hugs and kisses that he so desperately desired.

Now, Jacque is settling in well with his new mother Liz and the rest of his wonderful new family in their wonderful new home.

He is at long last adored for the cute little kitten that he is, and he never again has to feel embarrassed about needing and desiring affection and attention.

An individual who is a part of Michigan Kitty Rescue shared with Love Meow that “He is a lovely cat that needs the perfect home and a second chance.”

There will never be another time when Jacque has to worry about feeling like a burden or being too possessive.

Liz’s favorite part is when he cuddles up on her lap, and the rest of the family enjoys doting on him and finding ways to make him smile.

Jacque has, at long last, located the house of his dreams, which guarantees that the rest of his life will be replete with affection and cuddles.

By Elen

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