This poor little cat went through the most difficult and terrifying experience of her life before finally finding a loving home with a police officer.

Officers were called to the scene after receiving a complaint of a cat that was trapped within the engine block of a vehicle, as stated in a post that was made on Facebook by the Town of Ramapo Police Department in the state of New York.

The cat was unable to free itself from the vehicle’s engine and firewall.

The policemen gently removed the cat from the building, and shortly after, veterinarians inspected him. The cat had no injuries and seemed to be in good condition.

At this point, he was out of harm’s way. The tale was shared on Facebook, where users were effusive in their gratitude for the Police Department for its kind act. However, the conclusion of the tale left everyone speechless.

According to Fox News, one of the police officers made the decision to adopt the cat, and as a result, the stray feline is now living in a loving home with its new owner. Officer Christine Winter, who is so compassionate, said that she had called the four-week-old kitten Otto, and that he is now living happily with another rescued cat named Ella.

By Elen

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