Shino passed away in peace and without warning on March 7th, at 14:45. On Instagram, the deceased cat’s owner said, “Hope he may have a happy life in paradise, my beautiful pet,”

In the days that followed, Shino’s owner continued to post new images of him online, apparently focusing mostly on the interactions that took place between Shino and his feline companion Kuu. This was done in order to honor Shino’s memory. Shino’s health issues made it impossible for him to move, much alone take care of himself. He also struggled with depression.

Shino’s life was filled with joy despite his owner’s neglect, thanks to the companionship of Kuu and the careful care he received from his owner.
According to the owner, the seven-year-old cat named Kuu became a bodyguard for his canine companion by preventing other cats from approaching him. Kuu’s friend is a dog.

Shino was unable to maintain control of his body while walking due to his disease; hence, Kuu served as his walking aid. His feline companion was always right there by his side whenever he attempted to rise up or move.

The owner remembered that on the day before Shino died away, he woke up, ate breakfast, and strolled out as normal; nevertheless, in the evening, he suddenly collapsed with loud wails. “I held him in my arms for the whole of the night. He seemed to have a temperature, and he was having trouble breathing…”

” The next morning, after I sent him to the hospital, the doctor claimed Shino should continue to be there in monitoring and could be able to go back house at nightfall, so I went home first to have a rest,” the owner continued.

During that moment, Kuu snuck straight into my bed and slept underneath my blanket with me. In the past, occurrences like these were uncommon. Despite this, the doctor got in touch with me over the phone at 2:30 in the afternoon and informed me that Shino had ceased breathing.

“When Kuu found out that Shino had passed away, he was so startled that he even passed out at the hospital. Shino had been in excellent shape the day before, so it’s puzzling how this could have occurred so suddenly. Following Shino’s passing, their online audience was concerned about Kuu’s well-being and whereabouts.

According to the owner, Kuu’s preferred place to sleep is by himself in Shino’s kennel. In order to obtain a better view of the spot where they often shared their slumber, he would sometimes take a nap on the cabinet that was placed next to his kennel.

The owner saw that Kuu hadn’t been spending time with his best friend…

Due to the fact that it takes him some time to go through it, the owner does not bother him very often. However, the owner said that Kuu was improving and is able to eat more at this time; thus, he instructed the fans not to worry.

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