On a Thursday night, Melissa Dawson was alone in her New Jersey home when her water broke and she began to feel contractions. The contractions were fast and furious, signaling to her that her baby was on the way and couldn’t wait.

Melissa frantically dialed her husband’s number. When he got the call from his panicked wife, he was out dropping off their 2-year-old daughter.

Melissa notified her husband that the baby was on the way, and it was coming soon. “I can feel your body, babe. The baby is on its way, it’s on its way, it’s on its way “As he ran back home, she told her husband.

While her husband was still on the phone, Melissa gave birth to her baby. She gave birth to her daughter on the floor of her home. Because she didn’t think anyone would accept her story, she took a selfie to prove it.

Elissa estimated that she was in labor for roughly 90 seconds before giving birth to her daughter. It was a sharp contrast to the 43 hours she had spent in labor with her older daughter.

Because Melissa was unable to answer the front door, first responders had no choice but to smash it down. Melissa’s husband arrived shortly after, and they apologized. Melissa and her daughter were taken to the hospital, where they were both given the all-clear.

Melissa and her husband chose the name Bria Belle for their baby child. The name means “strong and lovely,” which fits both mom and baby well. They’ll never forget Bria’s frantic arrival into the world, which was seen on the family’s nanny video.

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