A Russian service member’s former special forces combat canine has defected to the opposing team and is presently assisting Ukrainian soldiers.

In an area that has seen some of the worst fighting since Vladimir Putin launched his invasion, a little boy named Max, aged three, was discovered hungry and on the verge of passing away.

The Belgian Malinois was nursed back to health before being turned over to the authorities in Ukraine. He has learned some Ukrainian and is now employed in a job that requires him to smell out booby traps and unexploded ordnance.

“From this point on, Max will provide on the better side, safeguarding Ukraine and nibbling Russian butts,” said Dmitry, a member of Ukraine’s National Guard. “From now on, Max will offer on the greatest side.”

An acquaintance said that Max has developed into a significant favorite among the security officers. We don’t understand why the Russians would get rid of such a beautiful animal. It’s a mystery to us.

The Ukrainians have a soft spot for canines because they think of them as family. Max was a member of a group of Kremlin troops who had successfully taken control of a village in the Mykolaiv region, which is situated close to the Black Sea.

After the retreat of Mad Vlad’s men, he was left alone and had to survive by eating spoiled food in order to keep himself alive.

He was still wearing the camouflage collar that was issued to Russian military canines when it was discovered that he was hiding.

According to a member of the British Special Forces, “Malinois are the same breed deployed by the SAS and the SBS.” They are brave animals that are both intelligent and agile.

“They are dedicated, but Max has most surely been convinced that the Ukrainians are his brand-new masters.” “I’m astonished that the Russians abandoned one of these animals since they are an extraordinarily valuable asset,” he stated. “It’s a shame that the Russians didn’t take better care of it.”

The connection that exists between a dog and its owner or trainer is also one that is very strong. It would be very much the same as casting aside a member of your own family.

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