After meeting one another and falling in love, a couple decides to get married at the local courthouse a short time later.

It’s a story very much like the other one, only this time it doesn’t center on an idealistic young couple. Instead, it’s two elderly people, both of them are older than 100 years of age.

The Kingston Residence is an assisted living facility located in Sylvania, Ohio, and both John and Phyllis Cook call it home. Due to the fact that their apartments were just one floor away, they were able to quickly become close friends.

This summer, Phyllis, who will be 103 years old, said in an interview with WNWO, “To tell you the truth, we fell in love with one other.” I can see why you may find it hard to believe that anything like that could happen to two people of the same age, yet we ended up falling in love with one other.

John, a soldier of World War II who is now 100 years old, provided the following explanation: “We were simply compatible in a variety of ways, and we found ourselves enjoying each other’s company.” They were both widows at this point, having each been married twice before.

But playing Bingo is just one aspect of their precious time spent together. When John was asked what their favorite activity was something they could have together, he said, “Well, I certainly shouldn’t speak about that.”

Phyllis, on the other hand, was more open and honest:

“Neither he nor I have completely lost our sexual vitality!” Phyllis sent the information to KHOU 11. She made this statement in reference to her views, saying, “I simply don’t believe in jumping in bed as a Christian until you’re married.”

When they left the courtroom, they had no clue that they were going to be married.

John said to WNWO that this wasn’t part of the original plan, but after they found out they were here, they said they could marry them here.

It would seem that he was eager to embark on his new life as a married man since he told me, “Good, let’s get it over with.”

Therefore, John made the decision to transform her into a respectable young woman and took her with him to the local courthouse to apply for a marriage license.

The pair still has many more years together that are sure to be filled with joy. Since Phyllis’s mother lived to reach 106, it’s possible that the two of them, despite their ages, have some advantageous genes working for them.

This is a story that demonstrates that no matter how old you are, you can always start again or begin a new relationship.

Phyllis has assured them that they would each have their own area, despite the fact that they are aware of the need of personal privacy. Why does everything have to be done so quickly?

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