When Zeke was first brought to the NOAH Center, he was only four months old.

The adorable canine’s one-of-a-kind grin, which is crooked in just the right places, draws attention right away.

The combination has a unique crooked grin that instantly endears itself to all of the people.

The reality of the matter is that the adorable puppy was only just adopted by one family, and the employees at the shelter were overjoyed for him, believing that the dog had at long last found the home he had been looking for all along.

Unfortunately, the new owner of the dog and his family were going through a difficult period at the time, and as a result, they were no longer able to care for the dog.

They therefore brought Zeke back to the main building. Naturally, the dog’s heart was shattered, and he had no way of knowing why he was abandoned once again.

The volunteers, on the other hand, are not going to give up on their efforts to locate a new home for the dog.

The director of the institution said that the dog enjoys the company of other canine companions and has high levels of sociability overall.

He enjoys being the focus of everyone’s attention and being the recipient of affectionate touches from those around him.

He is such a nice little guy, always full of energy, and he has a passion for engaging in conversation with other people.

It would be fantastic if Zeke were to be adopted by a family who had a big yard and allowed the infant to spend as much time as he pleased playing in the yard.

Just look at his adorable grin. He is such an amazing person.

By Elen

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