Honey Bee is a remarkable cat that is blind, and she is also a girl who travels the world. She is presently residing in Seattle with her two humans and four other cats along with a previous home in the Caribbean. When she was a little kitten, her family took her in from Animals Fiji and adopted her. Hiking with her people is one of her favorite things to do in her spare time.

She likes going on hikes and being carried on the shoulders of her human companions. When they go hiking, she will either ride on their shoulders or be attached to one of them with a leash. When she goes on hikes or other outdoor excursions, she enjoys taking in the sounds of running water.

In spite of the fact that she is blind, she never allows it prevents her from going on walks with her owners and exploring the world around her. She does not have a strong vision, but she has a good awareness of edges and drop-offs, which enables her to go near without falling in even if she cannot see very well.

Honey Bee, who had been struggling with a terrible illness, went away suddenly yesterday night. Even though she was only seven and a half years old at the time, she managed to accomplish a lot in the time that she had. She lived a pretty happy life for a cat that was born in a nation with a lower standard of living and was runty and crippled.

“Farewell, you courageous little Honey Bee. Her physical being was just unable to continue its fight, and she passed away the other night. Honey Bee was the personification of the phrase “living your best life,” and she never passed up an opportunity to have fun, discover new locations, or make new friends. “Honey Bee had a huge life filled with experiences and love, and wherever she went, she radiated joy – whether to her friends online or to those who she met on walks and hikes,” her owners said on Facebook after she passed away. “Honey Bee had a great life full of adventures and love.”

“Over the years, I have been astounded by the number of individuals who have admired her work, followed her life, and written me encouraging notes about how she has helped them find solace, inspiration, or hope in their lives. When I first launched Honey Bee’s Facebook page, I thought of her as a kind of “anti Grumpy Cat.” She was as pleasant as anybody could be, and all she wanted to do was promote happiness.

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