Molly Lichten Walker, a graduate student who struggles with anxiety illness, believes that a very particular cat named Otits has helped her overcome her condition.

Molly had a significant increase in her anxiety levels after being involved in a vehicle accident. Therefore, in an effort to alleviate some of her worry, she made the decision to have a pet.

Otitis, an earless senior cat, was patiently waiting for a loving home at the shelter, but no one seemed interested in adopting him. And so it went on until one day, Molly Lichtenwalkner came upon him, and she knew without a doubt that they were destined to be together.

Molly disclosed to Love Meow, “I was suffering from significant anxiety as a direct consequence of a vehicle accident… The only thing that helped me feel better about my anxiety was spending time with my furry pals, so I made the decision that it was time for me to have a pet of my own.

Otitis lost both of his ears as a result of malignant cysts, which his former owners were unable to cure owing to financial constraints. He was handed up to the FRA by them.

Although Molly has her own methods for coping with creatures who have unique requirements, she once had a dog that was deaf. She lavished the poor creature with affection, and the feline offered all of that kindness back to her in return, plus more…

Otitis ended up being the most beneficial companion cat in terms of providing Molly with emotional support. The day after he was adopted, Otitis began to come out of his shell. Because he is so appreciative for having been rescued, he wants to give Molly hugs and kisses all the time.

When Molly is going through a very stressful situation or is suffering a panic attack, he is able to assist her. He is able to settle her down… “Oiis is the finest thing I’ve ever done, and I can confidently say that he saved me; I was not the one who saved him.”

Otitis is a child at heart and full of vitality despite his years. He is always observing… and is always interested in hearing about his master’s activities.

He is completely unfazed by the fact that he is deaf. He has his own method of “hearing.”

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