Nothing except the most unadulterated expression of affection.

For the same reason, soldiers often spend extended periods of time away from their families, sometimes even years. Love. Respect for both their nation and their fellow citizens. These brave service members, both men, and women are the reason civilians are able to go about their lives without being concerned about potential dangers to the country.

They have to leave behind family members and friends who are concerned about how they are doing the whole time they are away on deployment. That is why coming home videos are much more satisfying to watch than they already are.

This soldier showed a high degree of originality.
Ryan wanted to pull a fast one on his wife, so with his best friend’s assistance, he dressed up as a bear, sat on his wife’s front porch, and had his best friend film the entire thing.

Imagine wearing his uniform and attempting to put on the outfit at the same time. Ryan is definitely having a hard time getting in there!

The letter and the flowers are all set, and his friend is filming, but the stress is over the roof.

He eventually succeeds in getting his head under and inside, so all that is left for him to do at this point is to sit there and wait while seeming a doll. Except that this particular bear is a full 6 feet tall.

Given that it is Valentine’s Day, everything has to be just right.

A few seconds after the guy filming goes up to the house, he knocks on the door, and shortly after that, Ryan’s wife, Megan, steps out looking completely taken aback.

Megan places the flowers on the table, then opens the message, and starts reading it.

Once she does, Ryan the bear begins to softly stir so as not to spoil the surprise. He does this. Nobody can say for sure whether or not he can see in there.

Only soldiers are capable of standing still without making a sound, despite the fact that they are dressed in bulky doll clothing.

Megan struggles to keep her emotions in check as she reads the touching letter that her husband sent to her. When she reaches the final line, which reads “PS, I have one more surprise for you,” she finally breaks down and sobs.

At this point in the game, Ryan is standing, with the bear costume pulled down to his chest, revealing his face.
Megan is instructed by Ryan’s friend to set the flowers she is holding down and turn around. Megan is still experiencing strong feelings after reading the letter, and it seems as if she is still a bit perplexed.

Megan will find 2021 to be a more tolerable year. See their adorable get-together in the video below!

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