As the deadly wildfires continue to burn over the state of California, the heroic firefighters may have just reached the point where they are unable to continue fighting the blazes. However, they always find the strength and the spirit to begin once again the following day. This is because of the tremendous amount of support and gratitude they get from each and every person. One of them is a highly unique dog used in therapy.

Golden Retriever Kerith is just two years old, yet it seems like it is her mission in life to make people feel better and put a smile on their faces. In the midst of the flames in California, Kerith concentrates on improving the firefighters’ morale. The loving dog inspires hope and love among the brave individuals who put their lives on the line to rescue others, namely the firefighters.

According to Kerith’s owner Heidi Carmen, who spoke with CNN about her dog, “Kerith is a very unique dog with boundless love and devotion to give to everyone who meets her, and her favorite people are firemen.” During the morning briefing, she is doing her best to keep everyone’s spirits up. Even though they are aware that the assignment for the day would be difficult, Kerith nevertheless manages to keep things lighthearted.

Kerith, the amiable Golden Retriever, was previously trained to be a guiding dog for persons with impairments; but, owing to her high-energy personality, she was unable to pass the necessary examinations. It was at this time that Carmen and her family decided to adopt the adorable puppy. On the other hand, Kerith eventually earned her certification as a therapy dog, and now it’s her responsibility to make first responders feel better in stressful situations. And the warmth she shows is really appreciated.

Carmen said that a certain fireman had confided in her that “Kerith has the remarkable ability to make me feel like I am the most important person in the world.” “While another fireman from central Marin said that ‘This was the nicest base camp ever since Kerith was there,'” Now Kerith is encouraging the firemen who are fighting the flames in California, and she is doing an excellent job at it!

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