A lovely stray cat made the courageous decision to take things into his own paws and went to a police station in the hopes of finding a home to call his own. The self-assured furry ball won over the cops’ hearts with the kind of endearing charisma that can only come from a cat, and it wasn’t long before one of them decided to give him a forever home!

A short while ago, officers from the Columbia Police Department in Columbia, South Carolina, were surprised to have a guest of an extremely unusual kind. A tabby with black and white markings crept inside looking for some human companionship. The cops instantly obliged his requests since it is almost hard to say no to a kitten that is pleading to be touched, and they did so because of this.

The California Police Department West Region posted a message on its Facebook page that said, “This adorable kitty dropped by CPD West Region to suggest we were posting too many dog pics and wanted to offer cats some love as well.”

The cops let the furry guest go after a lengthy session of petting and taking pictures with him. They believe he has a family that has been seeking him all this time. But now everything was changed, and when Officer Brandon Montgomery got back to work on Monday after having the weekend off, guess who was waiting for him? You are absolutely correct; that is the same adorable furry guest!

Officer Montgomery said that the suspect expressed a desire to be hugged and stroked. “He enjoys being carried on shoulders a great deal. He’ll be there in no time.”

Next, the cops attempted to get in touch with the cat’s owners by publishing images of him online. However, no one came forward to claim him, so officer Montgomery decided to adopt him and raise him as a member of his family. Kingsley was the name he gave to the cat, and today the once-homeless kitten is doing quite well living next to the Montgomery family!

“I have a soft spot in my heart for animals,” the officer stated. “I think of him as a member of the family. ” He is doing quite well.”

By Anna

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