Two mistreated and neglected dogs had a touching moment together at a veterinary facility in South Carolina as they were receiving treatment for their conditions. Sammie, the puppy, has just emerged after a procedure that lasted for three hours. The little Boxer, who was only four months old at the time, had been shot in the head, dragged behind a vehicle, and spray-painted blue before to being saved by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Simon is another dog who was abandoned and eventually acquired mange. He was rescued. Both of the pups were rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC from separate animal shelters. Their meeting was completely coincidental, but it was wonderful all the same.

The organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said on their Facebook page that this is “a beautiful example which tells us that our companion animals DO FEEL sadness and demonstrate compassion for others.”

“Never in the history of the world should the STRENGTH of our wonderful domestic pets be underestimated!!!! Sammie, our newest urgent client, is doing much better thanks to Simon, our mange puppy.

Both of them were saved from separate shelters in South Carolina, and our veterinary partner in that state is now caring for them. Simon paid a visit to Sammie and checked in on him to see how he was doing the other night. Sammie was grateful for Simon’s kind attention and kind touch, which she loved very much.

“Right now, Sammie is fighting for his life in surgery, attempting to salvage his two fractured legs despite the potential of infection settling in the bone since his injuries have been there for at least four to five days, which is quite concerning.”

Sammie’s case is only one of the many urgent circumstances that the rescue organization made a priority to address, but it is certainly one of the most horrifying.

They were unable to ignore the Boxer puppy’s pleading plea for aid since it was too urgent. Co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan was contacted by an animal sanctuary in South Carolina with an urgent message, which read as follows:

“I absolutely cannot function without your help!” We have a boxer puppy that is between three and four months old that has been sprayed with paint, shot in the head, and dragged behind a vehicle. We were able to get him to a veterinarian in time for some basic stabilization treatment. Could you please bring him to the emergency room so that we can save his life?

Despite his horrifying situation, Sammie was able to pull through and survive. A lady escorted him inside the building and gave him over, claiming that “he wouldn’t pass away.” According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, “it is believed that his wounds are somewhere from 1-2 days old.”

Because the dog was “signed over” and accepted as a stray, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC feels that it is unlikely that a cruelty investigation will be opened, despite the fact that the woman’s allegation is stunning and raises serious questions. The only thing that could be done for Sammie was to take her to an emergency veterinarian.

“We are informed that the bones in at least one of Sammie’s rear legs have been crushed, and his body has been torn and sliced wide open from being dragged behind a vehicle,” the rescue stated. “You can see in the photographs that Sammie has a gunshot hole in his head.”

“He is unable to stand or walk, and the suffering that he has endured at the hands of evil makes us cringe at the possibility of sharing the world with the person or individuals responsible,” he said.

“Who knows what more damage the gunshot and dragging will cause. “We hope that karma will be speedy and just in this instance, but we also know that we are the only ones left to pick up the pieces and help this poor innocent baby,” Jackie wrote in her email. “Who knows what more damage the gunshot and dragging will cause.”

Sammie went through with his initial operation, which lasted for more than three hours. The doctor is still worried about the infections in his left front limb, despite the fact that his rear right leg was fixed earlier today. Sammie is the subject of meticulous observation, and as a direct consequence, she is confined to her cage.

When it comes to his limbs, only time will tell whether they can be preserved. In spite of this, the fact that he is getting emotional support from Simon and the other people who helped him must be helping to boost the little guy’s spirits in the interim. It seems like better times are ahead for both of the dogs. The people who came to their help told them, “They both know they are safe and saved.”

By Anna

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