This sad dog was left in a cardbox that had a large tummy and abandoned. We were unaware of the nature of the issue she was experiencing, nor did we know how long she had been in agony.

A little dog with a large tummy was found abandoned in a cardbox, and it was staring at us with sorrowful eyes, hoping for assistance.

Take a look into her eyes—they are filled with terror, sadness, and hopelessness as she waits for assistance.

We brought the small dog in for treatment to the veterinarian, and when they examined her abdomen and saw that it was full of fluids, they saw that her rear legs were swelled much like her stomach.

Day 1: Following the first course of therapy, our tiny dog (whose name is Bean) is now able to consume certain things.

Tomorrow, she is going to have fluids drilled out of her stomach using a drill. Multiple holes were drilled in order to extract the fluid.

After drilling out fluids, Bean was able to consume things normally the next day. Good night!

Little Bean has been receiving therapy at the veterinary clinic for the last 5 days, and she is now feeling well enough to go home.

Now that she has more energy, she is more active and lively, and she also plays with me. I can’t wait to watch little Bean develop into the lovely and joyful lady she will become!

Day 8: Our little Bean is finally settled into her new home. Take a look at the joy in her eyes.

She will keep going to the veterinarian to make sure that she is completely cured. Our Bean is quite the mischievous little girl, as shown by the fact that she is now growling at me. After going through so much suffering, she has earned the right to have a happy life. Many, many thanks!

By Elen

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