Even while it’s wonderful that there are dog shelters, a dog’s time spent in one may still be extremely traumatic for them. They have no other option than to wait in cramped quarters and keep their fingers crossed that they will soon find a warm and caring permanent home. As a result of the animal population problem, many dogs wind up spending significant portions of their lives in shelters. Even if the staff does all in their power to care for the dog, the canine never gets to experience genuine independence. A home away from home can never be replicated.

That is what gives this film its incredible quality. One guy took in not one, not two, but 45 dogs. After that, he gave them complete freedom inside the confines of his four-acre property, where they could live their lives according to their own rules.

“We share our home with 45 canine companions and a grey wolf. “We had just finished building them a brand new play area that was four acres in size, and the video shows them being turned out for the first time to play in it,” the owner said.

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By Anna

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