Although blind Vietnam veteran Joe Tasby was sent to a Nevada clinic in March, he was lucky enough to be permitted to bring his yellow Labrador Retriever guide dog, Cupid, with him.
When Tasby arrived at HCA Healthcare’s Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, he figured that he would just be staying there for a few days at most.

On the other hand, his lung illness and cardiac arrhythmia kept him in for a lengthier period. Initially, Tasby’s daughter Tiffini would visit her father at the hospital regularly to keep him company and to feed and walk Cupid. However, once the hospital went under lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak, everything changed.

Since Tasby was no longer able to entertain guests, his son was unable to care about Cupid in his stead. Tasby was concerned about how he would continue to take after his animal companion for the duration of their stay at the hospital.

At that time, a nurse by the name of Barbara Borbeck volunteered her services to care for both Tasby and Cupid.

Brobeck, who is the director of the medical-surgical and telemetry at the hospital, helped an incredible amount with Cupid throughout the subsequent three weeks and put Tasby’s anxieties to rest.

She would undoubtedly take him for a stroll around the hospital while she did her rounds every early morning. She would also bring him outdoors for some fresh air and exercise, and she would make assured that he had adequate food and treats at all times.

Cupid took a shine to Borbeck and would often meet her at the front entrance, where he would beam broadly and wag his tail in enthusiastic welcome.

According to what Borbeck said to CBS Information, ” He really took to her.” “There were occasions when I would go into the room and find him leaping up and down, giddy with excitement and overjoyed to see her. In most cases, he is able to determine whether or not a person has a good spirit, and there is no question that Barbara possesses an outstanding spirit.

However, Borbeck’s therapy included a great deal more than just time spent in the hospital. When Cupid went out, she hunted for his favorite snack food all around town, visiting a total of nine different businesses in the area. In the end, she had to leave her work early to make the forty-minute drive to a different supermarket in order to get the food from a location that still had it in stock.

During this very trying period, Borbeck’s assistance in caring for Cupid was matched by Cupid’s ability to make the medical staff feel much better. While Borbeck was making her rounds, she took Cupid along with her. They went to a variety of departments so that the employees there could love him.

Tasby was eventually given the green light to leave the hospital after spending close to three weeks there receiving treatment. Brobeck walked him and Cupid to their vehicle and assisted them in saying their farewells.

” I left there believing, ‘I need to locate some form of method to show this woman how much I appreciate what she’s done for us via a difficult moment,'” Tasby told CBS News. “I need to find some type of way to show this lady how much I appreciate what she’s done for us during a difficult time.” “It’s a stroke of luck when you run across someone who’s at the right place, at the perfect moment, and performing the best point.

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