He most likely worked as a sheepdog at one time in his life. However, when this dog become sick, he was cast aside and forced to fend for himself in the wilderness. When he had nearly given up hope, he found out that an ill shepherd dog had been found roaming around a rural region close to Athens by a rescue group in Greece called SPAZ.

Because he was afraid and could not be approached easily, the people who came to his rescue decided to try to calm him down with food. SPAZ reported that while they were waiting for the drug to take effect, they followed him around the fields. “After following him around for about an hour, he eventually gave up and went to sleep,” she said. The remaining steps were simple.

The dog had one of his ears amputated, had lost the majority of his hair, suffered from a number of open wounds all over his body, and was infected with fleas and ticks. He was just suffering from Ehrlichia, a condition that is transmitted by ticks, in spite of his dreadful surroundings.

Since he arrived at the shelter, he has made a quick recovery, and he is now healthy and has found a forever home!

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