The stray puppy known as Beauty was found as a young dog in the Greek region of Mani. After she was found, a local charitable organization took her in, and she lived in a shelter for the first nine years of her life. She was adopted.

Every day, Beauty and the other canines at the shelter, which housed around 150 other dogs, waited for a family to adopt them. She would show her excitement and eagerness by wagging her tail every time someone passed by her cage. On the other side, beauty was not present at the event.

To make a bad situation even worse, Beauty was recently identified as having leishmaniasis, an illness that is caused by a parasite. Because of her illness, they were unable to keep her in the shelter, so they transported her to Athens to live in a foster family there. There, she was able to get the necessary assistance that she had been without for a long time.

The most wonderful thing is that Beauty won’t have to go back to being housed in a shelter ever again. She is going to stay in the foster family for the foreseeable future, but she is still looking for permanent placement.

During this interim period, she will continue to get treatment. She is doing well and is feeling much better! Her foster mother, Zaira, have a huge heart and, as a result, she is always taking in the sickest animals and attempting to treat them. Unfortunately, a lot of people have passed away, but Beauty has shown that she is a real fighter. She defied all expectations and managed to live, despite the fact that she was weak and didn’t seem to have much of a chance of doing so.

She was given a second shot at life, but now she is searching for a forever family who would love her without condition. She is looking for a home that she can call her own. After all that she has gone through, this nice and adorable little puppy most certainly deserves a happy conclusion to her story.

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