A considerable amount of time had passed as the stray dog waited for his owner. The sad puppy wandered about from sunrise to night in hopes of finding someone who would give him some attention.

Because he had given up all hope, there were moments when you might find him laying on the grass doing nothing but looking up at passing people with pleading eyes. People came up to him, fed him, and then departed thereafter. The poor dog was missing both of his front legs, and as a result, people didn’t pay as much attention to him as they should have, particularly because of this. Despite all of these obstacles, the puppy was able to find a home with the perfect person.

After the good guy came up to him and gave him a hug, the dog was left in the care of the other people. The guy transported him to the animal hospital, where he was examined and given the necessary care. Following a number of surgical procedures, the dog was able to resume his life in much improved circumstances.

By Elen

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