Millie the Trash Dog is the name of a Facebook page that tells the heartbreaking tale of a Yellow Lab who was left to perish in a dumpster in San Antonio, Texas, despite the fact that the temperature inside the dumpster was quite high. According to, when the dog was found, she was coated in filth, plagued by flies, and on the verge of passing out from heat stroke.

Two weeks have passed since the adorable dog was rescued, and her saviors have given her the name Millie. She is doing very well in her new foster home.

Her foster parent, who will only be referred to as Holly, is making sure that Millie continues to go to the veterinarian so that she may make a complete recovery. Unfortunately, a diagnosis of heartworm illness has been made, and she is presently having treatment that requires extreme caution and care. The cough that comes along with a significant heartworm load is being treated with a medication that has been recommended by the veterinarians.

The efforts of San Antonio Animal Care Services and Lucky Lab Rescue came together to make Millie’s rescue possible. Millie was discovered buried behind abandoned boxes and sacks of rubbish. Although she was wearing a collar at the time of her discovery, no one has come forward to claim her since she does not have a microchip.

In just the short amount of time that the two of them have been together, Holly has seen Millie undergo extraordinary improvements in both her mental and physical health. After Millie had recovered from the potentially fatal heat stroke, Holly was able to bring her home and give her a full wash as well as a session of combing her fur.

The treatment for heartworm disease is both excruciating and prohibitively costly. Millie will need financial support while she goes through her treatment and the lengthy recuperation that comes along with it, therefore a website on YouCaring has been set up to collect contributions for her. Any extra cash collected will be sent to the “Millie Campaign,” which was started in her honor to help other dogs who have been abandoned, mistreated, or neglected and are in need of assistance.

Follow Millie’s journey on Facebook as she gradually discovers what it is to be loved and cared for, as it is intended that all dogs be treated. We are grateful to Holly and to everyone else who helped in any way to save this adorable little baby.

By Elen

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