Back in 2013, when Jason Frost and Brandon Key went fishing on the Black Warrior River in Alabama, they seemed to have no idea what they would come up with. In their fevered imagination, they could never have thought that their vacation would turn into a “cat-fishing” expedition, but that is exactly what occurred when they rescued two kittens that had swam out from shore in search of protection on their yacht.

“What is swimming towards our boat is something you’re not going to believe.” “It was a kitten,” Frost says in a video of the kittens’ tragedy that has since gone viral. Despite the fact that they are soaked and afraid, the kittens are strong swimmers and appear to be grateful for their rescue. Frost speculates that they were ab4nd0ned there by their prior owners, as shown in the video at the end of this article.

In the process of getting to dry land, Frost and Key came across an adorable family who took an immediate liking to their antics and adopted their kittens. River and Warrior were the names given to them later on.

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