A police officer in Florida has been hailed as a hero for his quick thinking and actions in the face of a dangerous situation. He dashed onto a congested freeway in order to save a dog who had been hit by a vehicle.
Officer Joseph Puglia of the Pinellas Park Police Department claimed that when he saw him breathing, his heart “truly dropped.” According to Timothy Robert of theanimalrescuesite.com, the incident occurred on Monday when the dog wandered onto Interstate 275 from its enclosure.

Puglia can be seen pulling over to the shoulder of the road shortly after the dog was struck. The exact moment he saved the puppy was captured on video by his dashboard camera. After wrapping the dog in an emergency blanket and loading him into the SUV, Puglia called the authorities.

According to the Pinellas Park Police Department’s Facebook page, “Our communications department notified the team at the Pinellas Animal Hospital of the incident, and they were waiting for Ofc. Puglia’s arrival.”

It is yet another example of the devotion and sympathy that our officers have for our four-legged friends,” the officer said. Ofc. Puglia did an excellent job.”

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