The pups and their mother were in the middle of the road when a couple walking down the street in Louisiana ran into them. An anonymous person seemed to have abandoned the huge family in a cruel and ungraceful manner, leaving them to hunt for themselves. The compassionate couple has decided to care for the entire family until they can find them forever homes.

A lifetime link has been forged between Star and Denver, two of the eight puppies who have developed an indestructible and exceptional bond that will endure a lifetime. As soon as the puppies stopped eating, the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego brought them in and began searching for their forever homes.

Due to the fact that Star is deaf and largely blind, Denver has taken on the role of continuous guide and guardian for his sister. He will not allow Star to be out of his sight for even a single second because he is concerned about her safety at all times.

Star derives a great deal of strength from her brother, and the two are inextricably linked together. Watching them together makes it impossible not to notice their distinct and emotional bond. They are a sight to behold.

The Dodo reported that HWAC’s marketing manager, Kelleher, said that Denver is always checking in on Star to make sure he’s okay and that she is aware that he’s close by.

“He accomplishes this by nudging her,” she stated.

Star and Denver are presently on the lookout for a forever home, but we are optimistic that they will find one soon because they are both absolutely lovely!

Take a look at the fantastic video below:

Watch the video to see these cute creatures:

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