It was found that a dog called “Georgia” was living at a Rocky Point gas station, which is close the US-Mexico border. Sunshine Dog Rescue, which is based in Phoenix, was alerted to her presence and transferred her to its facility.

Unfortunately, none of Georgia’s pups survived once it was revealed that she was expecting them. In accordance with ABC Arizona, all of the infants were born preterm.

Following the murder of all of Georgia’s children, according to Anita Osa, founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue, Georgia was heartbroken and depressed.

“I’ve never heard of a mother who has lost an entire litter,” Anita explained. Her panicked state was the only way she could describe what was happening. She was in such a bad mood that she decided to go in search of those babies. In her hunt for her children, she pulled up the toddler mattress that we had put her on.”

Anita sent out a plea for help on social media, hoping that Georgia would begin the process of healing both physically and psychologically as soon as possible. She was on the lookout for any animals in need of a nursing mother at the time.

And it was via this process that they discovered three abandoned newborn kittens who were in dire need of a mother to help them live.

At first, Anita was doubtful that a dog would accept a baby, but she was pleasantly surprised to watch Georgia’s rapid devotion to her three foster kittens and subsequent adoption.

The following is Anita’s statement: “I took my time introducing them. I chose one and handed it to her to smell, and she seemed to like it, so she brought the others with her to show me. It’s amazing to see how fast she regained her composure after losing her cool. “I think the kittens are completely unaware that Georgia is a dog.”

Georgia is even allowing her kittens to nurse despite the fact that she has a limited amount of milk.

“She breastfeeds them,” Anita went on to say. She cleans them up and takes care of everything, yet the link between them is deep. It’s quite amazing to see how she cares for those kittens as if they were her own children ».

Georgia is grateful that these three felines have come into her life after all of the heartache she has experienced after the death of her babies.

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