Tang and Cream, Zach Hearn’s two dogs, had other plans for him. Zach Hearn thought his family was complete, but they had other ideas. Earlier last month, while out on a promenade, the dogs stumbled across a little animal howling for assistance and immediately raced to its rescue to assist it. In an interview with The Dodo, Hearn described how Tang and Cream came to a standstill and seemed bewildered.
In the distance, you could hear a meow, so you and your friend raced up to see what was going on.”

Hearn couldn’t see where the noise was coming from, but the two dogs did discover a little kitten sitting in the middle of the road, perhaps 3 to 4 weeks old, that they took care of immediately.

Small and underweight, the kitten seemed to be abandoned by its mother, who had vanished without a trace.

In the beginning, Hearn was concerned that his golden retriever and King Charles cavalier would drive the cat away, but the puppies had other plans.

His surprise when both canines began to calm the terrified calico cat took him by surprise. In Hearn’s words: “Tang began to whimper and fell down next to her.” “Cream immediately began licking her and cleaned her up.”

I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her on the road, so I grabbed her up and took her to my house, where I and my partner gave her with a comfortable place to sleep, as well as a bath and some food. The kitten had evidently been on her own for some time, but she recovered rapidly and was able to rejoin her family.

In Hearn’s words, “We called the cat (Tou Jiang),” which translates as “lottery win.” “At first, she didn’t have much energy, and she slept a lot,” says the author. When she was fed on a regular basis and given a comfortable place to sleep, she brightened up.”

The moment the dogs laid eyes on Tou Jiang, they knew they had found their soul mate. The dogs never leave her side and are always ready to supply her with anything she needed, whether it’s comfort, snuggling, a tongue wash, or some playing with the other dogs in the pack.

When it comes to raising a kitten, each dog has a unique “parenting” style that they use to raise the kitten.

According to Hearn, Tang is “more of a laid-back, laid-back mom.” “Tang simply sits there and watches while the cat climbs on her and plays with her tail.” When the kitty decides to accomplish anything, she will be the first to intervene.

“Cream is an entirely other animal,” he said. Her motherly instincts are stronger than ever, and she is always beside her, playing with her and licking her clean as her own mother would. It seems like they’re fairly good at taking turns, but until she’s placed in her bed to sleep, they’re always watching her.”

It took some getting accustomed to having a kitten in the family, but the delight and devotion that Tou Jiang expresses for her new canine parents is indescribably precious to them.

In his words, “parenting a kitten is not the same as growing a puppy.” Hearn went on to explain why. In spite of the fact that there is a continual need for food and bathroom breaks, the effort is worthwhile. While we’re at work, she spends the whole day with the dogs, which we monitor with a home camera. They are always keeping an eye on her and following her around,” says the trainer.

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