People often ask whether you like cats or dogs. Both hold a special place in many animal lovers’ hearts.

If you only have space for one pet, you must choose… or not?

One species, a combination of a feline and a canine, has figured out how to have the smartest possible response.

It seems that this weird little puppy has a canine face on a feline body – most likely with some fox influence – and some critics believe that he transforms from feline to canine in the photo: He and his owners live in the country of Vietnam.

In addition to the fact that he seems to be a feline canine, he has amusing and weird articulations to go along with it.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the dog has become a global online sensation, both inside his own country and abroad.

It’s no surprise that he has over 232,000 followers on Facebook, which helps to explain his positive attitude.

Despite his distinctive appearance, he is just an ordinary, happy dog. Aside from that, the entrepreneur expresses his gratitude for the chance to connect with folks and their canine companions. According to the narrator, “He is extremely entertaining.”

By Elen

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