Apparently, a cat and mouse have formed a sweet bond after the mouse was observed cuddling up to the cat after being pursued about the neighborhood.

The small mouse can be seen rushing up to the cat’s belly and hiding underneath it as if he is pleading for cuddles with the feline.

Many users on the internet couldn’t help but draw parallels between Tom and Jerry, who, despite their disagreements, are unable to function without one another.

When you first start watching the video, you’ll see the cat chase after a mouse around the neighborhood.

However, it was quickly apparent that the lovely cat had no intention of harming the little mouse, as it stopped racing after it and laid down on the ground.

The mouse made the unexpected action of rushing towards the cat and snuggling up to it, which surprised everyone.

The kitty appeared to have complied with the mouse’s request, as it laid there contentedly while snuggling up to its new tiny companion.

Watch the video below:

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