Darci Lynne Farmer had a passion for singing from an early age, but she was so self-conscious that she never had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience as a youngster.

It wasn’t until she discovered ventriloquism that she found her true calling.
With a little encouragement from her parents, she was crowned International Mini Miss when she was about the age of 10 years.

It was then that she met Laryssa Bonacquisti, a teenage ventriloquist who was the International Teen Champion at the time.

Dari quickly established herself as a performer who wowed audiences with her abilities.

However, perhaps the most disturbing aspect of her ventriloquist performance is that she makes her puppets sing to the audience.

Darci has the ability to sing, and she does so with her lips closed!

Darci and her puppet, a cute, feminine rabbit called Petunia, performed “Summertime” from the musical Porgy and Bess on the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent, which appeared in 2017.

Lynne was moved to tears when Mel B awarded her with her golden buzzer, which she received when she was a little child.

Within 30 hours of its broadcast, the performance had become the most watched video in the show’s history, and it went on to rank fourth on YouTube’s list of the top 10 trending videos of the year 2017.

Darci is back on American Idol!
Darci is back on American Idol!
Lynne returns to the stage with Oscar, this time looking much more mature and beautiful, as she and her companion sing “Let the good times flow” on the big screen.

It’s obvious that she’s more at ease on stage these days!

Immediately before the song, Darci inquires of Oscar about his dating experiences, to which he answers with an amusing anecdote about a former girlfriend.

Samantha the squirrel, according to Oscar, never sits still.

Have any of you ever had a hyper girlfriend?

Oscar goes on a rage, telling Darci that Samantha can be a real pain in the neck at times.

That is, after all, what partnerships are all about, right?

Lynne, in classic entertainer fashion, provides a smooth segue in which she tells Oscar that he is worrying too much and that he should simply let the good times flow instead. I believe the message was received by the audience.

This viewer also made an excellent observation, as did I.

Isn’t it true that AGT can’t get enough Darci? Since winning, she has appeared as a guest on every season of the show. I’m not complaining, on the other hand. She’s incredibly incredible and never fails to impress.

“It’s fantastic that Darci’s performance has received far more attention than the performance of the defending champion.”

Just watch Darci sing without moving her lips for a minute!

Just watch Darci sing without moving her lips for a minute!

She sings far better than the majority of individuals who sing with their lips closed.

To not distract from other singers’ efforts, attempt to sing without opening your lips while doing so.

Darci manages to strike note after note without missing a beat!

Even the four judges are getting into the spirit of things!

What is it about this lady’s voice that makes her sing better than 90 percent of this generation’s best performers… with her lips CLOSED? “….. OUTSTANDING”

Rahul Soni had this to say:

Darci is a natural-born performer with extraordinary ability. If you don’t like ventriloquists, it will be difficult not to like this young woman, and even if you are not a fan of Lynne’s singing, you will be unable to ignore her talent.

Consider what she could accomplish if she had a microphone and could move her lips!

Asking how she does it would be inappropriate. No one can see what she’s thinking since her lips have been sealed.

Her performance in the video below demonstrates how swiftly she is maturing.

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