Is there an upper age restriction for adopting a dog, similar to the upper age limit for adopting a child? No, it does not seem to be the case. What a fortunate break for Annabelle Weiss, a brave veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Annabelle entered the United States Marine Corps when she was 20 years old and rose through the ranks to become a driver and aircraft inspector. After being released from the army in 1946, she relocated to New York and began working as a nurse.

She has always maintained a high level of physical activity. After a while, though, she began to feel unwell in addition to suffering from a number of persistent health issues.

Thyroid cancer was discovered by the doctor. This was a significant setback. It meant that she would have to give up her highly autonomous way of life. She was living alone on Long Island at the time, and she began to suspect that she may want assistance.

And then it occurred to Annabelle that there was an organization called America’s Vet Dogs, which matched assistance dogs with veterans in need.

Joey, a lovely golden Labrador, was introduced to her at this location. The fact that he was the right one for her was natural for her. Joey is a service dog that has been taught to assist Annabelle in a variety of ways. For example, if she spills anything, Joey will pick it up for her.

He is capable of opening and closing doors for her, assisting her out of a chair, and negotiating stairwells.

She can go about her daily routine as she used to – shopping, going for a stroll, meeting friends, popping out for a snack – because Joey is at her side, encouraging and supporting her.

Annabelle gets some cleaning done in the mornings, whereas Joey just sits around and does nothing all day.

After all, he knows that by the afternoon, they will be going on another excursion, and that it will be time for him to switch over to work mode! Joey has a vest that he wears while he is working, which allows him to know precisely what is going on at any one time of the day.

And now that she has Joey by her side, Annabelle can continue her adventurous life. People are first surprised that she is driving anyplace at her age, but she quickly explains that she used to chauffeur her Colonel about during the war!

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