All dogs deserve to be loved and to have someone who will look after them and provide them with all of the love and attention they need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and some animals are forced to endure horrific living circumstances.

Sarah, the dog seen in the video below, was one of these dogs. Her owner kept her chained up in a filthy cage outside the house. It is believed she spent the most of her life in chains, with just enough food and drink to keep her alive.

Because of the dog’s injury to unclean living circumstances, her owner refused to even touch her because she deemed the dog to be “disgusting” and “filthy.” While the dog’s owner did not make any attempt to assist him recover his health, he continued to ignore Sarah, and eventually it seemed that she would not be able to restore her strength.

Fortunately, assistance arrived before Sarah passed away. A remarkable group of rescue workers rescued the puppy from the deplorable circumstances in which she was living and gave her the opportunity to start a new life. Sarah is now surrounded by individuals who really care about her and who are committed to providing her with the care she requires.

Take a look, bellow!

By Elen

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